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Web platform in which artists and arts professionals from around the world share their common interests in contemporary art, encourage new projects, and promote their work in a positive and active community of like-minded individuals. Selections for Celeste Prize 2011, 3rd Edition, New York … check out the full program here

This year’s 50 finalist and 75 shortlisted [check out the slideshow here] works for Celeste Prize 2011 have been announced by our international selection committee of critics and curators. The 5 winners will be chosen by jurors Eugene Tan and Sara Reisman  at the awards night, 11/11 , during the final exhibition at The Invisible Dog. Selections were made by the following critics and curators, members of the selection committee: Joseph Gaylard , Mami Kataoka, Bibi Katholm, Oxana Maleeva, Davide Quadrio, Erin Sickler, WonGi Sul, Philip Tinari, Nicola Trezzi, Marco Mancuso, José Vieira, Eric Dunlap, Bertram Niessen, Claudio Sinatti, Marius Watz.

Celeste and The Invisible Dog are promoting Brooklyn Open Studios. On 12/11,  it will be possible to visit artists in their studios in Brooklyn.  BOS is a unique initiative which supports artists and puts them in direct contact with the public.  Two maps will be produced for the event; an interactive-map onsite Celeste, as well as traditional paper-map which will be distributed around Brooklyn and surrounding districts. Both maps will identify the exact location of all studios, as well as 5 specially curated routes suggested by the following New York-based curators: Nathalie Angles Founder/Director of Residency Unlimited, Emma & Ani Katz, Founders of Recession Art, Melanie Kress / Resident Curator for Recession Art, Risa Shoup, Independent Curator, Benjamin Sutton, Arts Editor of The L-Magazine


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ExpressionEngine and CodeIgniter
October 19-20-21

October 29 – November 6


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october 29 – november 6

For seven days, American Idolatry will transform the Invisible Dog Art Center in Brooklyn into a house of worship. Throughout the week, the public will be invited to view artworks and performances, and partake in evening educational programming, as curated by Legacy Russell and a diverse team of up-and-coming artists, academics, and cultural producers.

The artists of American Idolatry will make use of physical action, installation, and experimentation to assert spaces with a shrine-like religious artifice that, though constructed, will strive to function as “real” sites of idolatry, worship, and remembrance of America and its rich socio-cultural histories. American Idolatry will feature the work of Danielle Abrams, CHERYL, Jonah Emerson-Bell, Ryan Frank, Danny Ghitis, Christopher Gideon, Lizzie Gill, Madeleine Hunt-Ehrlich and Diane Exavier, Sam Keller, Jason Lazarus, Maia Murphy and Eli Dvorkin, Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen, Rance Palmer, Sandra Payne, Kaitlin Kylie Pomerantz, Kenya (Robinson), and Legacy Russell. The artists will reflect on what the notion of America and American identity means to them, as influenced by pop culture aesthetic and contemporary politics. Read the rest of this entry »


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As an artistic director, director, photographer and model, 2Fik captures pictures of himself that he likens to a single image. He can therefore be found several times in his photographs, in various attitudes and sporting a range of accessories. Through his toying with reality and fiction the viewer becomes confused. 2Fik’s recurrent characters end up embodying real individuals to whom the artist gives a complete identity: personality, age, sex, origin, occupation and interests. These figures are related to each other and  arise from the universe and life experiences of the artist. 2Fik assigns them traits taken from his own personality, discreetly unfolding through his disguises. The protagonists come to live against the the backdrop of a multicultural Montreal, simultaneously creating time a TV-style reality show where their destinies revolve around Fatima. She is central to all the other characters: Abdel, Manon, Benjamin, Sofiane Marco, Alice, and Francine. The sum of these character’s  experiences and their emotional baggage add up to different social realities, providing keys to understanding their respective existence. Conducted from a voyeuristic perspective, the photographs generate our desire to know what was happening outside the frame. However, a second interpretation takes us beyond reality television, because these lives are in reality a reflection of our current society. Read the rest of this entry »


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Opening reception Friday Oct 7 @ 6pm

Emmanuel “Manu” Letouzé is a French-born, Brooklyn-based, freelance ‘socio-political’ cartoonist who also works as an economist for the United Nations and pursues his PhD at the University of California, Berkeley. Originally from Brittany, France, Manu moved to New York City from Hanoi, Vietnam, in 2004 to attend Columbia University as a Fulbright fellow. There, he started drawing political cartoons in English rather than in his native French, which he had previously done for several years as an editorial cartoonist while studying at Sciences Po in Paris. He is now contributing cartoons to various publications, including (in English), a satirical blog on the world of NGOs, UN, etc., and (in French), France’s leading news website, where he holds a blog. His current projects include comic strips on New York City seen through the eyes of a European, on the UN, and on the life of a father of one-year old twin girls.


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september 17 – october 9

Artists in this exhibition were asked to directly or metaphorically respond to the idea of a hermaphrodite through their practice. The premise of the exhibit is to avoid polar categorization, consider natural totality, and to investigate the states that are in limbo. Throughout history artists have been fascinated with the hermaphrodite as a symbol.  The term is derived from the name of the Greek mythological god, Hermaphroditus, who acted as a deity of bisexuality and effeminacy. Metaphysical poets John Donne and Edmund Spencer celebrated the hermaphrodite as a concept of love – a union of two souls within one body.  Painter, Forrest Bess was inspired by the hermaphrodite and developed a philosophy linked to alchemy and the rituals of the Australian aborigines.  Bess attempted to perform surgery to transform himself into a hermaphrodite, which according to the legend would bring him immortality.  Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye Breyer based their art practice on the idea of a hermaphrodite.  The couple underwent a series of plastic surgeries to mold their bodies to the likeness of one another and to eventually become one entity.

Artists: Ivin Ballen, Shannon Carroll, Lars Van Dooren, Sarah Frances Kuhn, Michel Gerard, Rebecca Gilbert, Natalie Labriola, Lance Lankford, Julie Lohnes, William McMillin, David Shull, Thomas Stevenson, Marina Temkina, Nikita Vishnevskiy, Patrick Walsh, Daniel Waller.

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september 17 – november 6

The installation will be complemented by the commissioned short film Byun, Objet Trouvé by New York-based French director Marie Losier. In this latest installment in her ongoing series of acclaimed film portraits of contemporary directors, musicians, and artists, Losier offers an insightful and whimsical view of Chong Gon Byun’s world of found objects. Via stop-motion animation, Byun, Objet Trouvé takes viewers on a journey into the artist’s fascinating sense of reality and imagination.

A film commissioned by the French Institute Alliance Française’s CROSSING THE LINE


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Co-Conceived by Christopher McElroen & Sam Stephenson
Created with: Brian D. Coats, Jason Goodman, Jaymes Jorsling, Kate Joyce, Brigid Hughes, Conrad Kluck, Alex Koch, Lucy Owen, and Julia Watt
Directed by Christopher McElroen
Based on the book The Jazz Loft Project by Sam Stephenson

Sam Stephenson is a writer, instructor, and consultant at the Center for Documentary Studies at Duke University. Since 1997 he has researched the life and work of photographer W. Eugene Smith, authoring three books: Dream Street: W. Eugene Smith’s Pittsburgh Project (W. W. Norton, 2001), W. Eugene Smith 55 (Phaidon Press, 2001), and The Jazz Loft Project: Photographs and Tapes of W. Eugene Smith from 821 Sixth Avenue (Knopf, November 2009). He curated a 400-piece exhibition of Dream Street for the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh and the International Center of Photography in New York City in 2001-02, and a 300-piece exhibition of The Jazz Loft Project at the New York Public Library for the Performing Arts in 2010.  His writing has appeared in the New York Times, Oxford American, Smithsonian, A Public Space, Paris Review, and DoubleTake, among other publications. He has been featured on NPR’s All Things Considered, Morning Edition, and Weekend Edition, as well as NBC’s Today Show, CBS Sunday Morning, CNN, and the BBC-TV’s 2007 series The Genius of Photography.  He won a 2010 ASCAP-Deems Taylor Award for the Jazz Loft Project.  His biography of Smith, Gene Smith’s Sink, is forthcoming from Farrar, Straus and Giroux, and he is publishing pieces from the book bi-weekly on Paris Review Daily.  He is a native of Washington, N.C.

Christopher McElroen is a New York based theatre producer/director. Selected directing credits include Jean Genet’s The Blacks: A Clown Show, which received four 2003 OBIE Awards and was named one of the ten best Off-Broadway productions of 2003 by The New York Times, Sekou Sundiata’s 51st (dream) State, a multimedia exploration of American identity and citizenship that premiered at the BAM/Next Wave Festival, and Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot staged outdoors in the Lower Ninth Ward and Gentilly communities of post-Katrina New Orleans.  The New York Times listed the project as one of the top ten national art events of 2007.  The archives from the production have been acquired into the permanent collection of The Museum of Modern Art and will be on exhibit through September 2011. In addition, Christopher has directed or guest lectured at Stanford University, Duke University, Purdue University, New York University, Dartmouth College, The Contemporary Arts Center Boston, The Walker Arts Center and The Museum of Modern Art, among others. His work has been recognized with the American Theatre Wing Award (Outstanding Artistic Achievement), Drama Desk Award (Artistic Achievement), Edwin Booth Award (Outstanding Contribution to NYC Theater), Lucille Lortel Award (Outstanding Body of Work), and two Obie Awards (Sustained Achievement and Excellence in Theatre). Christopher recently founded the american vicarious whose inaugural projects include Living in Exile, presented at the 2011 Under the Radar Festival, and the world premiere stage adaptation of Ralph Ellison’s novel Invisible Man, opening Chicago January 2012.


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september 17 – november 6

Acclaimed Korean-born mixed media artist Chong Gon Byun gives found and discarded objects new meaning by using them to create sculptures and assemblages that explore the clash between post-industrial civilization and the present consumerist culture. In this installation, the walls of the combined residence and studio are lined with shelves and cabinets stuffed with books and objects of every description: African and oceanic masks, totems, skulls, musical instruments, ornate frames, mirrors, images and replicas of Castro, Ho Chi Min, Marilyn Monroe, and Mickey Mouse, as well as reproductions of Leonardo’s Mona Lisa, his Last Supper, and esoteric 17th century Italian paintings, all jostle with globes of the world, plastic fruits and flowers, stuffed parrots, metallic insects, lamps, vintage appliances, springs, coils, and mannequin heads and bodies. The space itself is the artwork and it is from this treasure trove that Byun draws inspiration and constructs his witty and poignant works.

Byun’s installation will be complemented by the commissioned short film, Byun, Objet Trouve, by director Marie Losier [more info]

Exhibition co-presented with The French Institute Alliance Française’s CROSSING THE LINE

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